1926 JCC Spring Meeting

Photo reference
Autocar Glass Plate A5949
Driver / Mechanic / Passenger
Entry Number
Event Type
Image Source
Neil F. Murray (not verified)

No 7 is the Aston Martin 'Track Car' then owned, again, by George Eyston, He having owned it in 1923. In 1924, it was bought by Marion Agnew and R.C. Morgan then crashed it at South Harting. After a repair costing £66, it was sold back to George Eyston, who then 'refined' the body shape. Car No 10 is Basil Eyston's car, the same car as leading in the photo taken in the 1925 200 mile of the three cars round the 'hairpin' turn, Eyston, Morgan and Halford in close company.

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