1926 JCC 200 Mile Race

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Autocar Glass Plate A6820
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Guestr.lane (not verified)

Vernon Ball's CGSs Amilcar with Eldridge radiator cowl following Thomas' Thomas Special, the Salmson at the rear is driven by Goutte.

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Guest (not verified)

Yes, Pierre Goutte I think, but the historian's lot is not helped by his being shown as A Goutte in the results! He shared the Salmson in the race with Lionel de Marnier.

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Malcolm Parker (not verified)

This photo clearly shows why the Thomas Special was christened the 'Flat-iron' racer. It is not true, however, that they were of such low build that they would run upside down, as the drivers head would be in way! Aren't F1 cars supposed to be able to run upside down? Nothings new!

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