1926 BARC July Meeting

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Autocar Glass Plate A6414
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john mills (not verified)

This is not an ADM Austro-Daimler. May be a Sascha, but looks a bit big, even for that...???

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Guest (not verified)

This Lanchester 40 was ordered in 1924 for tyre testing by the tyre manufacturer F Lionel Rapson. It was driven in circuit races at Brooklands by Parry Thomas. Although supposedly a different car, it bore a remarkable resemblance to the car earlier raced by S F Edge (indeed I would be interested to know whether the two cars ever appeared together?). Tommy Hann's 'Softly Catch Monkey' was based on an earlier chassis - good photos of it can be found at A3425 and A2464.

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Although the cars of S F Edge and Parry Thomas are very, very similar, there are sufficient detail differences to suggest that they were different cars; they certainly had different bodies, with a different cockpit shape and angle to the tail. It seems most unlikely that the same car would have been rebodied in exactly the same style but with these alterations.

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