1926 BARC Autumn Meeting

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Autocar Glass Plate A6779
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Edmund (Ed) J… (not verified)

My father 'Austin' Stone raced at Brooklands in 1926 & 1927. In August 1926 he raced a 16-valve Bugatti (p194) and an AC in the 1926 Autumn meeting (p196). He was referred to as EAA Stone in William Boddy's book Brooklands the complete motor racing History. In the Whitsun 1927 meet, there is reference to E.A.A.Stone's "interesting"AC! (p208). Do you by any chance have any pictures of the AC? My father was an author and I have just finished transcribing/editing and publishing his last literary work an don his author website I have shown picture of him in his Bugatti. You are welcome to use this for your fantastic website. Please advise - Sincerely Ed.

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