1924 JCC 200 Mile Race

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Autocar Glass Plate A3978
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Are you certain of the number 25 Austin? 25 was listed in the programme as a Riley with no driver named, but so far as I can see there is no reference to a Riley in the results, so it seems unlikely that it started.

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A tangled web here! I have taken expert advice, and it seems that this is the ex-R C Morgan long-tailed Aston-Martin track car, which we last saw after an oo-nasty at South Harting in June 1924. After repairs costing a hefty £65, Marion Agnew (who was Morgan's sister) and Morgan understandably decided to sell the car, which was bought back by G E T Eyston, who had owned it earlier. According to the programme, no 26 was driven by Victor Gillow, whom one would have expected to have been driving the Riley no 25, referred to above, but which non-started. So it is probably him seen here driving it on Easton's behalf, but one of the reports has it that Eyston's other A-M, no 24, was a non-starter, and the results do show that Eyston retired in an Aston-Martin, so it must be at least possible that he took over no 26 to drive himself. Quite clear??

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