Alvis and Lea-Francis at the 1930 Ards TT

Event: Event: Ards TT
Location: Location: Belfast
Year: 1930
The cars: Alvis, Lea-Francis
The people: Cyril Maurice Harvey, W Sullivan

Standard on 1929 MCC Sporting Trial

Event: Event: MCC Sporting Trial
Year: 1929
The cars: Standard
The people: J Templeman

1929 MCC High Speed Trial at Brooklands

Event: Event: MCC High Speed Trial
Location: Location: Brooklands
Year: 1929
The cars: MG, Bugatti, Salmson, AC
The people:

1928 Inter Varsity Hill Climb

Event: Event: Inter Varsity Hill Climb
Location: Location: Ewelme Down
Year: 1928
The cars: Amilcar
The people:

1927 Middlesex County Club Meeting

Event: Event: MCC Meeting
Location: Location: Brooklands
Year: 1927
The cars: Bentley, Ballot, Morris, Lea-Francis, ABC, Standard, Singer, Dodge, Wolseley, Vauxhall
The people: