Bugatti Type 35 at 1925 Essex MC October Brooklands Meeting

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Autocar Glass Plate A5428
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Guest (not verified)

Yes, it is George Duller. Needless to say neither this car nor Warde's Fiat were competing in the HST, so presumably they just happened to be around Brooklands on test or something of the sort on that day. Lancia Lambda saloon behind.

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Bob King (not verified)

This is Duller in Glen Kidston's Type 35, chassis number 4450 - owned by me for the past 45 years. Duller did purchase it, but I thought later, in 1926.

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JWd (not verified)

So, Bob, is this XW9557, the same two litre car that Duller used in the Essex Junior Long Handicap (October meeting! see page 615 Oct 9th Lightcar) to beat Miss HM Lister in the 1923 Aston and lapping at up to 113mph to catch her 80mph?
Must have been a good meeting: Duller drove the works blown Seven in the 50-Mile Handicap, lapping around 92mph.

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