1926 Southport Sand Race

Photo reference
Autocar Glass Plate A5913
Driver / Mechanic / Passenger
Entry Number
Event Type
Image Source
JWd (not verified)

In this shot, we see a standing mile sprint, for 1100cc General Class:
is that LT Swain in the Amilcar,18 on far left?
The Austin special is driven by an unidentified driver
Ron Horton in a Morgan JAP
ELF Mucklow in the Nash
SA Keay in his Morgan came 3rd
See the rear view photo for another view of the same event

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Beatrice Brown (not verified)

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I now think your date is correct. My print of this pic was old and the pencil info on the back was faded. I had added probably 18 Sept when putting the book together . Sorry for the error.

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