Arthur C R Waite

Austin Sevens at 1930 Ards TT

Event: Event: Ards TT
Location: Location: Belfast
Year: 1930
The cars: TT
The people: Gunnar Poppe, Arthur C R Waite, S A Crabtree

Lea-Francis in the pits at 1930 Irish Grand Prix

Event: Event: Irish Grand Prix
Location: Location: Phoenix Park, Location: Dublin
Year: 1930
The cars: Lea-Francis, TT
The people: Arthur C R Waite

1926 JCC Spring Meeting

Event: Event: JCC Spring Meeting
Location: Location: Brooklands
Year: 1926
The cars: Riley, Supercharged Special
The people: Arthur C R Waite, Victor Gillow

1925 JCC 200 Mile Race

Event: Event: JCC 200 Mile Race
Location: Location: Brooklands
Year: 1925
The cars: Frazer Nash
The people: Arthur C R Waite, E Ringwood, C W Johnstone