1929 Shelsley Walsh Amateur Hill Climb

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Autocar Glass Plate B1547
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Driver / Mechanic / Passenger
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JWd (not verified)

Slippery Anne sold to the Bouckley brothers, driven by Brian Cooke as 106 in the May event. He made a 59.6sec time on his second run.

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The passenger in Auto Car glass plate B1547 was almost certainly my father, Ken Bouckley. A young man at the time. He seems very relaxed and must have had a lot of faith in Basil Cooke's driving ability!

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malcolm parker (not verified)

As I am sure you know, Slippery Anne was 'written off' in the early 1930's but miraculously, some bits have survived, including the bonnet with the name and a grasshopper motif, and these are currently being incorporated in what should be a very accurate reincarnation of the car.

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