Frazer-Nash GN special at 1929 September Shelsley Walsh hillclimb

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Autocar Glass Plate B2658
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If this photo date of Sept 1929 is correct, this cannot be Mucklow as he did not compete at that meeting. Unfortunately the car is un-numbered preventing positive identification: W.H.Hylton was there in his similar car but the May 1928 meeting photo shows him wearing a crash hat - it is unlikely he would have ceased to wear head protection by the following year.

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MAC Archivist

Further to my earlier comment, I am now sure this is W.H. Hylton - see the May 1929 photo of him, where he is bare-headed so my comment about crash hat is irrelevant. He can also be recognised as the same driver in both the May & September 1929 photos.

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