Equipment and drivers for the Irish Grand Prix cars (August 1930)

Taken from the "The Autocar" dated August 29th, 1930.

The cars and their drivers

BENTLEY - Birkin, Moir, Benjafield, Hall

ALFA ROMEO - Varzi, Campari, Nuvolari, Callingham, Don, Outlaw

O.M. - Fronteras, Ramponi, Minoia

TALBOT - Lewis, Hindmarsh, Eaton

AUSTIN - Frazer Nash, Poppe, Waite, Crabtree

TRIUMPH - Barnes, Horsman

ALVIS - Harvey, Cushman, Paul, Purdy

LEA-FRANCIS - Davis, Whitcroft, Sutton, Peacock, Higgin, Sullivan

MERCEDES - Earl Howe, Campbell

RILEY - Ashby, Horton

T.T. Equipment

The following components were used on the cars that finished the course.

Sparking Plugs

CHAMPION on Alfa Romeos, Alvis,Talbots, O.M. and Mercedes

KLG on Austin, Riley, Bentleys and Lea Francis


MEMINI on Alfa Romeos and No 18 O.M.

SU on Alvis and Bentley

ZENITH on Talbot

SOLEX on Riley

COZETTE on Austin and Lea Francis

MERCEDES on Mercedes

R.A.G. on No. 17 O.M.

Shock Absorbers

ANDRE SILENTBLOC on Alfa Romeos, Alvis, Riley, Talbots, Lea-Francis, Bentleys and Mercedes (HOUDAILLE in front)

AUSTIN on Austin


RUDGE-WHITWORTH on Alfa Romeos, Alvis, Talbots, Mercedes, Bentleys and Lea-Francis

AUSTIN on Austin

RILEY on Riley


DUNLOP on all cars that finished


B.P. on Alfa Romeos

SHELL on No. 4 Bentley, Nos 17 and 18 O.M. and Mercedes

PRATTS on Alvis, Austin, Talbots, No. 2 Bentley, No. 38 Lea-Francis, and Riley


CASTROL on Alfa Romeos, Alvis, Talbots, No. 2 Bentley and No. 38 Lea-Francis

MOBILOIL on Austin and Riley

SHELL on Nos. 17 and 18, Alfa Romeos and Mercedes


BOSCH on Alfa Romeos, Mercedes, Bentley, with the addition of SIMMS on No. 4 Bentley

DELCO-REMY on Talbots

M-L on Austin

LUCAS on Lea-Francis

B.T.H. on Riley and Alvis


YOUNG on Bentleys


LUCAS on Alvis and Lea-Francis

ROTAX on Talbots

C.A.V. on Austin

Steering Wheels

BLUEMEL on Alfa Romeos, Austin, Alvis, O.M., Talbots, Bentleys, Lea-Francis and Mercedes

DOVER on Riley

Brake Linings

FERODO on Alfa Romeos, Austin and Alvis

DURON on Bentleys, O.M., Talbots, Lea-Francis (and HALO) and Mercedes


JAEGER and NIVEX instruments were used on the Alfa Romeo cars that finished first, second and third

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