XV 366

Starting grid for 1929 JCC High Speed Trials at Brooklands

Starting grid for 1929 JCC High Speed Trials at Brooklands, Victoria Worsley, G A C H Black, W G Battersby, P W Marriage, A L Baker, S Watt, N Jupp, B E Alston, R J Searle, Miss J E H Weekes, D Chinery, A E Curtis, H S Davidson, A N C Jameson
JCC High Speed Trials
July 1929
Amilcar CGS
Fiat 509
Registration Number: 
  • PH 3249
  • XV 366
  • YR 78
  • KW 3400
  • PG 288
  • YK 97
  • GD 8907
  • VB 711
Driver / Mechanic / Passenger: 
Victoria Worsley
G A C H Black
W G Battersby
P W Marriage
A L Baker
S Watt
N Jupp
B E Alston
R J Searle
Miss J E H Weekes
D Chinery
A E Curtis
H S Davidson
A N C Jameson
Autocar Glass Plate B2267

G A C H Black and a Salmson

Philip Stone has got in touch asking if any light can be shed on a relative of his in some photos, G A C H Black (Carey) and his? Salmson.


We know that he was a co-driver in the 1930 Double Twelve but beyond that not much more.

If anyone has any more info please leave a comment or get in touch.

Entry Number: 
Registration Number: 
Driver / Mechanic / Passenger: