Marseal on 1923 Essex Winter Trial

Marseal on 1923 Essex Winter Trial, Kaye Don, R Don
Photo reference: 
Autocar Glass Plate A1161


A Marseal.

Light Car and Cyclecar 23.2.23 states the driver to be R. Don, with Kaye Don as passenger. So who is R. Don? It's not Kaye's sister Rita Don, obviously.

R Don is already "tagged" to another Marseal in this trial. I'll leave it as both for no until more info comes to light.

I believe that R Don was Kaye Don's younger brother, Ralph. Donald Cowbourne lists him as having driven an AC in the 1919 MCC Edinburgh and Exeter Trials. If I have it right, he died in Coventry in 1931, aged 37.

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