Bentley at 1930 MCC High Speed Trial

Bentley at 1930 MCC High Speed Trial, L Harris, D Chinery, G L Baker, E N Ward, W J B Richardson
Photo reference: 
Autocar Glass Plate B5023


#19 is a Riley Nine Monaco, and #25 is an Alvis 12/50; at the foot of the banking is a Bugatti,and I think #42 may be a Minerva (Austin, your copyright watermark is obscuring it too much!). I should know what #51 is, but it has me stumped at the moment ...

Third One Hour Trial. The Bentley I think is actually no 50, L Harris's car, listed as 3500cc. The Riley, no 19 was driven by C W D Chinery. No 42 is the Minerva of G L Baker, 25 the Lea-Francis of E N Ward and 51 the Singer Senior Six of W J B Richardson.