1933 BARC Whistun Meeting

1933 BARC Whistun Meeting
1933 BARC Whistun Meeting
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Autocar Glass Plate C0666


The registration no is VE 4847 and is on the Riley. This car is for sale on the prewarcar.com website.

This event was held on Whit Monday, June 5 1933. No 5 is the Riley of P M Walters, the Austin no 14 driven by W L Thompson Jr, no 15 behind is the Alvis of Anthony Powys-Lybbe, and no 3 the Invicta of A C Lace.

Anthony Powys - Lybbe is my grandfather! Times like this I love the internet

VE 4847 said to have been created by A F Ashby/T B Wood from burnt-out Monaco (during 1930)
see Autocar 21/02/1931 p397
Bob Porter described next owner (Pat Walters) as " having acquired a sort of hybrid Brooklands model" when re-counting their team entry for LCC Relay Race 16/07/1932 with Sammy Davis as Team Manager.
see Riley Record magazine 09/1947