Amilcar at 1928 Inter Varsity Hill Climb

Amilcar at 1928 Inter Varsity Hill Climb, A S Llewellyn
Photo reference: 
Autocar Glass Plate A9163


A.S. Llewellyn in a C6 Amilcar.

Amilcars entered by Cambridge men swept all before them at this event, Llewellyn winning the 1100, 1500 and unlimited classes, A A Arnold being second in all three classes and G M Miller third in the 1100 and 1500 classes.

Reg. no. YU-12

From Motor Sport April 1928: "Particular comment was forthcoming - chiefly from the ladies - regarding the colour scheme adopted by Mr Llewellyn, who rejoices in the soubriquet of 'Ginger'. This gentleman howled up the hill in his blue 6-cylinder Amilcar, clad in boiler suiting of light blue, the whole surmounted by a brilliant shock of, shall we say, very auburn hair."

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