1928 Ards TT

1928 Ards TT, G W Bagshawe, R Plunket Greene, Louis Dutilleux
Photo reference: 
Autocar Glass Plate B496


R Plunket Greene's Frazer Nash and the Bugatti of Louis Dutilleux.

Richard Plunket Greene had entered his own Frazer Nash (PF5387) for the TT but sold it to another entrant, an Ulsterman Peter Ross, immediately before the race, and instead drove an unidentified Works car with Bobby Bowes as co-driver. RPG was well over 6 foot, and presumably is the tall driver shown in the photo. I want that photo!

Apologies: contrary to my earlier comment, Richard Plunket Greene's co-driver in 1928 was G.W.Bagshawe, not Bobby Bowes who was his co-driver in the 1929 Ards TT.