Vauxhall at 1923 Aston Hill Climb

Vauxhall at 1923 Aston Hill Climb, R F Summers
Photo reference: 
Autocar Glass Plate A1225


30/98 Vauxhall

R Summers, who made FTD in the unlimited class.

To my surprise, this appears to be the car shown on the dust jacket of Anthony Powell, by Hilary Spurling (2017), with the young Anthony Powell standing beside it in the snow. The photo would be a souvenir of his trip with Romney Summers and one Geoffrey Allen from the London (or Oxford?) area to Vienna in summer 1925. Their route over the Alps would account for the snowy summer. The registration looks as if it is either PC 4329 or FC 4329, although the starting handle slightly obscures the detail. What model of Vauxhall would it be?

Oh, I see it's down as a 30/98.