Amilcar at 1928 Inter Varsity Hill Climb

Amilcar at 1928 Inter Varsity Hill Climb, A S Llewellyn
Photo reference: 
Autocar Glass Plate A9163


A.S. Llewellyn in a C6 Amilcar.

Amilcars entered by Cambridge men swept all before them at this event, Llewellyn winning the 1100, 1500 and unlimited classes, A A Arnold being second in all three classes and G M Miller third in the 1100 and 1500 classes.

Reg. no. YU-12

From Motor Sport April 1928: "Particular comment was forthcoming - chiefly from the ladies - regarding the colour scheme adopted by Mr Llewellyn, who rejoices in the soubriquet of 'Ginger'. This gentleman howled up the hill in his blue 6-cylinder Amilcar, clad in boiler suiting of light blue, the whole surmounted by a brilliant shock of, shall we say, very auburn hair."

We are currently restoring this Amilcar C6 which belonged to Mr Llewellyn and are trying to get exact historical information. On looking at a copy of the article from Motor Sport April 1928 entitled 'The Inter-University Hill Climb', we cannot see the reference to the blue colour of the car you mention in your comment. Would you kindly advise where exactly you saw this quote so that we can reference it? Many thanks.

This comment appears in 'Rumblings' on p256 of the April 1928 edition of Motor Sport.