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Thanks to Geoffrey Horton who is the Grand son of George Ward in the UK and Holzapfel in the States. He supplied me with scans of an orginal Carden Manual from 1915.
The below list is what I have photos of. See 1928 JCC 200 Mile Race photos.
July 1924 Scottish Six Days Trial Official Cars SG 9887 Bean - *D 25** GG 983* Vauxhall - NM 508* MB 3471 Bean - ** 2**2 ?? NT 3538 ?? XR 2201 - Morris Cowley ?? Humber - Sam Wright 93 - Morgan - NP 65 - W A Carr
1924 MCC London to Edinburgh Cars and people that are in the pictures on the site. Official cars HP 7749 HP 6649 - Daimler OL 10 - Buick - W L Wells XR 9124 - Humber - J F Crundall 211 - Morgan - AB 9602 232 - ND 141 - A W Brittain
This is a list of the entrants that there are photos of for this event;
The Battle of Phoenix Park
To an extent almost unparalleled by cars of anywhere near the the price, the Austin Seven has gained a wonderful name for dependability.
Torrential rain does its worst, an excellent and well organised event. Austin success at over eighty miles an hour Images below link to larger versions
This article appeared in The Autocar dated May 15th, 1931. Images below link to larger versions